Multiple Contacts for a service process

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi! I am giving Airtable a whirl and I’d love some ideas around designing the base structure of the table.

The process is for taking an order for Fibre Internet on our website, which involves capturing a customers details, however, then taking that order through several checks, steps, delivery to ultimately making a customer “live”. Each customer becomes a single entry.

Some Fibre services have multiple points of contact. For example, someone might sign up but their housemate might need to contact us for help on the service (account).

Getting the primary point of contact details is straight forward and the fields are limited. e.g. name, email, contact number, desired contact channel (e.g. whatsapp/email/telegram).

I’d like to avoid having a situation where we have an unknown number of extra columns for secondary (or even more) points of contact.

I see on you can add secondary point of contacts pretty easily. Was wondering what options there are in AirTable.

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