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Need help being able to manage my tasks across several bass

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Is there a way to set up a single view of all my tasks that exist in multiple bases into a unified view so that I don’t have to open each base separately? I would like to be able to work within this unified view to have complete control of over what should get done first, second, etc. Once I do complete a task, then have it marked as complete in its’ source base.

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While you can do a one-way, read-only sync of up to 3 views into a single table, that is one-way and read-only.

To edit fields in other bases, you would need to write your own custom JavaScript or use a no-code automation tool like Integromat.

Alternatively, you could solve your problem by doing it in reverse. Keep track of all your tasks in one master table, and then just sync specific views to the other bases where you can view “certain tasks only” in each base.

Thanks for the quick response.