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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello! I’m looking for help with structuring a base that will be used to drive our product roadmap.

In essence, there are three parts, features, sprints, and team members. What I would like to base to do is help schedule the roadmap using sprint start and end dates and ensure that each team member is properly allocated.

Here is the current google sheet that I am using to accomplish this:
The sheet is fantastic on resourcing, but not so much with lining up with sprint start and end dates.

  • Each feature can be assigned to many sprints (ex. Feature 1 belongs to sprint 01, 02, and 03).
  • Each feature may have one or more engineers assigned to it and an engineer can only work on one feature at a time.
  • Each sprint may have many features assigned as well as many engineers assigned.

I’d like the base to show me which engineer needs an assignment for a particular sprint and ensure that an engineer is not overloaded with two or more features for a sprint.

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