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Newbie questions, moving from Trello

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I was wondering who could help me determine if AT can be a very good solution for our needs:

  • I’d like to populate a table with potential people to contact, sourced by external searches: so manual import or copy or API actions, to be determined. The goal is then for a person to check those records, and either mark them as OK, or discard them as not valuable. I was thinking a dropdown menu, or checkbox, which would trigger an action. If said to be relevant, contacts would go to another table.

Can I then move a qualified prospect to another table, or bd, and hence not keep the original record ?
Is it better to create a table in a separate database, or can I hide 1 table from a database to some people so the view does not get cluttered ?

If we adopt Airtable, I’ll transfer there some specific functions we currently solve with custom (Python) scripts polling our Trello board. I could not find whether I can do the following :

  • For every record (currently record) that has not had an interaction, trigger an alert (New record in a Reminder table to show an action to be completed ? Draft message prepared there ?)

  • Based on those criteria, prepare a draft email that gets saved in a IMAP email account ?

  • I understand a workspace has its own plan so if I buy a pro plan it only applies to 1 space, but I can have many databases in it, each with many tables, provided each db is not over the plan limit ?

  • Any fear of having the access/use slowing down ? For hundreds of cards in a board I have lag issues with Trello.

Thanks for your input.

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You could create a Leads table and a Contacts table. In the Leads table, you could create a single-select field called Status and add options like ‘Qualified’ and ‘Not Qualified’.

Then, create an automation that ‘when a record is updated’ as Qualified, you create a record in the Contacts table.

As far as your other questions -

1 and 2. you could create a Formula field that calculates 7 days from the date created field and have it say ‘Needs contacted’ - you can then create an automation based on “when the field contains ‘Needs contacted’” > send email to specific email address

View this to learn more about Airtable automations

  1. yes, 1 workspace can contain however many bases you want. Depending on the plan you choose, Free can have collaborators for free. Pro will charge you for each collaborator on a base.

  2. as far as slowing down, everyone has different experiences. just really depends on your set up. but enterprise businesses use it for their work, so it must not be too bad. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for those useful infos !