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6 - Interface Innovator

I have a database to collect the purchase orders from my employees. For now, when they request to purchase x items A and y items B, they need to fill the request form twice. One for x items A and one form for y items B.
I would like them to be able in the form to enter the data for item A then add a line to order the item B. And if they need z items C to add another line to order it in the same form before submitting. The result being then 3 new lines in the database.
Is it possible?

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Hi Pascal, unfortunately I don’t think that’s possible natively and you’ll have to use a third party tool like miniExtensions

You could conceivably get your users to type in the item name and quantity, and then use an automation to parse that data with an automation? It’s be pretty convoluted though, and if anyone typoed anything it wouldn’t work properly of course

Yes i realized that mini extension will help for those i have purchased already their extension for other usage. Thanks for the help