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4 - Data Explorer


My problem is I have a team of 3 including me, and I created 3 tables, the problem is when I update the other table for my other team it change the 3 tables including mine and theirs. Anyone can help me here? pls pls pls

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9 - Sun

Hi @earl123,

I think there might be some confusion between tables and views in your scenario. Let me clarify:

In your current setup, it seems you have three views within a single table. When you make changes to a record (line) in one view, the same record is updated across all views associated with that table. To achieve your desired outcome of having three separate "silos" that do not communicate with each other upon each change, consider creating three distinct tables, each with its own set of desired views.

Tables are located in the top bar of your screen (immagine them as separate tabs in your web browser), while views are listed vertically on the left side of your screen. By using three separate tables, you can maintain independent data sets and avoid cross-communication between them when making changes.

I hope this helps!