Problem Linking and Displaying All Records from Secondary Table in Primary Table

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4 - Data Explorer

I'm currently facing an issue and would appreciate any insights you might have. Here's the situation:

I have two tables: a main "Companies" table and an "Updates" table. In the "Companies" table, I've created a Linked Record field for the "Updates" table. My goal is to have a list of all updates for each company displayed in the "Companies" table.

Previously, I had a setup where this worked. The ID field was structured as [Name of Company + Date], and it showed all the related Updates for each Company. However, in my new "Updates" table, the ID field is an Autonumber, and each record has a Link to the corresponding Company from the "Companies" table.

With this new setup, the linked updates are not showing up in the main "Companies" table as they used to. I'm unsure if the change in the ID field structure could be causing this issue.

(Snapshot of my previous setup for reference)

How can I set this up? Is there any workaround? For context, the end goal is to be able to show a quick list of updates for each company in Softr.

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The new autonumber field does not have to be your primary field to still serve its purpose as a displayable unique identifier (or part of one) in this table.

In your Updates table, duplicate the autonumber field and change your primary field to a formula with the autonumber referenced in it:
{Autonumber field} & " " & {Linked company} & " - " & {date field}

If the old autonumber field was used elsewhere, make sure to map that to your new autonumber field (or use the exact same field name in your new one).