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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi All,


We're in the medical field and we are currently setting up airtable to handle our inventories for multiple locations. We have set up our product lists, as well as the inventories for each location and we're currently in the process of utilizing the purchase order option.

We can add from each manufacturer, and item, but we're currently stuck on being able to add a quantity for each item-for example, let's say we need a quantity of 100 for one item, and 500 for another, at this time we can only add a quantity for one item. I've added a screenshot to explain what I'm talking about. 


Much appreciated!




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17 - Neptune
17 - Neptune

Yeah...unfortunately what you're trying to do isn't natively possible and you might need to explore third party form options such as miniExtensions, On2Air forms, etc if you want to use a form for this

(I'm assuming you're trying to add like, multiple line items and quantities for this manufacturer)

The simplest option (assuming the form filler can have access to the base), would be to just give them a Grid view to update

If the form filler cannot have access to the base, the second simplest option would then be to pay for a seat for them on a Pro plan and create an interface for them to use to update with the Grid