Record video from mobile in Airtable via Form

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Anybody has issues recording video into Airtable attachment form?

I’m not sure if iOS or Android mobile device can directly record a video into Airtable app, but I couldn’t find a way of doing it. It just doesn’t work for me, when I start the camera app, it doesn’t allow video recording, the video recording button is disabled on Android and it’s not present on iOS. Is there anything I need to change in my settings?

Anyhow, I looked for a workaround and I noticed recording video into Airtable can be done using the Web Form of your base. Create a form out of your table and include the Attachment fields. Then create public sharing link to the form and access that link on your mobile device browser. I use Edge browser, but should also work on any full feature browser such as Firefox or Chome, but it doesn’t work on strip down browsers like Via, Dolphin Zero or Opera Lite.

When you click on the attachment field in the form, the phone presents you with the option to do Image capture (=Camera Photo) or Camcoder (=Camera Video).

Record video and it is uploaded. Works great.

The video can’t be played on the Airtable for mobile, but it can be played in Airtable desktop in the detail view. I haven’t tried the Video Snippets App but I assume that would also work.

I’m sharing this in case anybody asks about recording video. Recording video in the app doesn’t work for me, so this is a fabulous workaround.

I did earlier create an Integromat workflow to push the videos to my Airtable records directly from my Youtube channel (I name the video title same as the field record in Airtable).

But knowing I can quickly attach video without messing with Youtube is easier.


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