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So I have Airtable to keep track of my expansive puzzle collection over 300 puzzles works great I love it! But I wanted to get my dad to start using it for his car shop like what needs done to this car that car does this need updated inspection on said car but would also want a reminder sent to him or a notification from Airtable saying that (inspection shop) is closing in 30 minutes and then once you tick off the inspection for the car it doesn’t give you the notification anymore? Does that make sense? TLDR; I’m basically asking if there’s a reminders system implemented into Airtable?

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Hello and welcome @Chelsea_Hyatt!

Airtable recently released a feature named Airtable Automations that will allow you to automatically trigger an action (one of which is sending a customized email!) based on criteria you define.

I recommend checking out our Support article about using Automations to send emails for more details.

Let me know if you have any questions about Automations- and if this answered your question please to mark this reply as the :white_check_mark: solution.