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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Everyone!

I'm using my table to manage my client database when processing their taxes. Last year I build a base where column A is all my clients- each person gets their own row. Then I have fields for if I received their tax info, what date, did I start the return, did I send them a bill, did they pay me, etc. That table is complete with the 2022 data.

Now I want to use all the same headers/fields again this year, but I need all the entries to be blank except for the client's name so I can fill it out again with 2023 info.

Is there any way to copy over just the names to a new base? Or to clear out all the entries in the other columns? I really don't want to have to retype everyone's name again...

Thank you!!

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I think I'm using the wrong terms. I just want another table for 2023. It can be in the same base as 2022.

You can duplicate a table. When you duplicate the table, you can choose if you want to duplicate just the fields or if you want to duplicate the records as well.

However, you might want to consider keeping everything in one table and adding a single-select to indicate the year. Then, use filtered views to show only the info for the year you are interested in.

In combination with the above idea, consider turning the field for the client's name into a linked record field that links to a new table. You can then use rollup fields for doing fun things like seeing how many years a client has been with you.

Finally, you can use bulk copy/paste to create new records. Copy the list of names. Create one new blank record at the end. Paste the names into that new record at the end (with no records after it) and Airtable will as if you want to create new records. Say yes.