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4 - Data Explorer

Good afternoon, I am wondering if there is a way to copy all the fields from one table into multiple tables in the same project. For example: I have multiple stores in each state. So each state will be its own table. I want the fields (the top row) to be the same for each state. In a excel spread sheet I can copy the top row and past it into additional sheets in the workbook. Is there a way to do that in Airtable. I hope i explained that correctly. Thanks so much.

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Welcome to the community, @Mike_McKirahan!

That doesn’t sound like a very good way to setup your database. Ideally, you would want all of your stores in the same exact table, and then you can create different views to filter them. (Or just use your existing view to group/filter/sort them.) You’d want to set it up this way so you can do more advanced things in the future — such as linking records to other tables, using lookup & rollup fields, etc.

However, if you really want to copy & paste fields between tables, you can just shift-click on multiple column headers, then press command-c (or control-c) to copy the columns. Then, in your new table, create an new field. Click once on the new field’s column header and then press command-v (or control-v) to paste the columns you had previously pasted. Choose the option to “expand the table” to get all of your fields.

However, once again, copying-and-pasting would not be the best approach for designing a database, so I wouldn’t recommend it.