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6 - Interface Innovator

Hey all, thanks for bearing with me on this one.

I offer referral rewards to clients who refer new clients my way. I’d like to track a) who referred a client and b) who a client has referred. See the screenshot for what I’d like to achieve.

Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 21.08.25

I’d like to make the process a bit simpler by just selecting the “referred by” field, and have the “has referred” field auto-populate with the relationship. So basically, when John tells me that Carl referred him, I want to fill out John’s “referred by” field, and have Carl’s “has referred” field automatically say “John”.

I’ve been fiddling around with this for hours and can’t figure it out even though it seems like it should be simple as dirt. Any clues?

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Airtable does not create same-table backlink fields when you use a linked record field that links to the same table.

I sell a same-table backlink automation script for using two same-table links in conjunction with each other.

Thanks for the clarification, at least now I know I wasn’t just being silly! I’m not ready to put a hundred bucks into this project - but good script, very needed!

Does anybody know about a workaround? Since Airtable doesn’t create same-table backlink fields, would this be fixable with a junction table or something like that?

Here is a script that you can use to accomplish this: Same Table Linked Records Backlinks | BuiltOnAir

I don’t know of any good workarounds for this, but you may want to submit this as a feature request to

Although yes, I suppose one workaround for this would be to create another table that you link to.