Separate forms for multiple teams in same base?

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I’m trying to be smart about setting up a base design, but might be overcomplicating it:

I have 9 product teams, who at the end of each sprint will send out a form to their respective partners, asking them to review the working relationship and progress (so two parameters). I have set up a base for a single team with a form collecting the reviews in one table and an other table calculating the average per parameter, per sprint.

Ideally, I’d like to have all of the teams in one base, since I can’t sync more than 7 on the pro plan. Is there a good setup for this? The product teams need to have separate forms, as they have different partners and different sprint dates.

Could I potentially have all teams in the same base, and let them send out their survey from their respective table? I’m afraid it’ll be a mess since I want the product teams to feel ownership of the reviews, but perhaps I could create different table permissions?

Thanks in advance!

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You are on the right track. Yes, you can create a new form for each team member and each will have a unique URL address and details. You can also pass the Team name into the form as a hidden field so that when the form is submitted it is tied to the correct team with a need to the user to select that information. Then create grid views filtered to each team.