Set up - project mgt and products in one base, or two with sync?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone

I am new to the amazing world of airtable! I run an interior design practice. Just me at the moment, but want to set things up so I can have a team in future.

I sell my time to do design work (hourly or fixed fee), and I sell products (not from stock), so I need airtable for -

  • project mgt - each client house is a project with tasks, probably with sub tasks too
  • time recording - ideally with a timer, but retaining historical time entries
  • product library and creating proposals of items for each room / house I work on

So… do I set up one base with lots of tables, or two, or even three (one for time)?

Considerations are -

  • I want to get this right from the start! (don’t we all)
  • I may create proposals/invoices which need to include my time, an agreed fixed fee, and/or products. I want to push these through to QB.
  • as I will add attachments to products and projects I am also a bit worried about storage limits per base too, which made me wonder whether more bases is better.

Let me know if you need to know any more detail.

Thanks in advance if you can give any advice.

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