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Setting up a new Product Catalog

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Hello community! I may be in over my head but so far I love the way Airtable organizes things but can’t get it to work for me yet. I am a producer and have an ecommerce website and sell about a dozen items online using Webflow. I am trying to set up a base to help me track my sales and inventory and because some of my products come in different sizes and colors and I am having a real hard time extracting the pertinent information from my imported orders CSV file and organizing it so that I can use it. Here is a screenshot of my imported table, maybe I just need the right formula? Thanks in advance.
Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 4.19.47 PM

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Hi @pat_kelly

At first glance, I would use multi select field for your option field, that is if the options will be the same, but different selection for each customer. You might also want to remove the quotation marks from each of the options, since it might interfere with other field options i.e. Formulas. Also, would you be able to just use 200ml, without the word “size”? It can make the data cleaner. Just thought I would ask.

Hope these suggestions will help, as you begin your journey into Airtable.

Mary Kay

Thanks Mary,

You are right, the quotation marks do interfere with the formulas that I have been trying to write, I just don’t know how to remove them, and they are imported along with everything else. I am beginning to feel like I might need some one on one help to get this done.

Hi @pat_kelly

Where is your data being imported from? Is it a spreadsheet? Maybe you can clean the data at the source?


Thanks Mary,

The data is a downloaded file from my Webflow ecommerce site, I am unable to clean up the data myself and I am unsure how it is formatted in the back end of my site. I was hoping to come up with a formula that would clean up the options column of my table.


Hi @pat_kelly

I managed to find a post that might help your use case, regarding the double quotes.

Take a look and see what you think.

Hi Pat,

If you have a budget for your project and you’d like to hire an expert Airtable developer to help you with this, please feel free to contact me through my website at


This looks great! I will give it a try later today.

You don’t say how you import the data but my suggestion would be to use an intermediate app like Integromat or Zapier, so you can treat the data and make it automatic.


Thank you Angel. That is exactly what I ended up doing.