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4 - Data Explorer

I have a master Locations table which has a list of locations. Each location then has it's own table that has it's own set of unique records.

I'd like to make a lookup field in the master Locations table that links to all the records in each location. I have made multiple lookup fields for each table, but I'd like to make it a single field with the linked records.

Is this possible?

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Hmm, if you're talking about consolidating lookup fields into one, technically, yes, you can do this.  You'd create one lookup field per linked field, and then use a formula field to just consolidate it together with something like:

`{Lookup Field 1} & {Lookup Field 2} & {Lookup Field 3} & {Lookup Field 4}`

If you're looking to have a single linked field that links to multiple tables, then I don't think that's possible, no


I'm curious why you've set the table up this way actually.  It seems likely that each of tables that represent a location share the same fields, and so could we not just merge them all into one table with a single select field to indicate which location it's from?