So many relationships - I don't know how to start

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi friends,

I have been so stuck with the set-up of our airtable structure I’ve been losing sleep over it…

Here is what I’m trying to do. Any help would be so appreciated!

I have a complete list of contacts - most of these are business partners, who are also directors and/or officers of our group of about 15 companies as well as investors in even more of those companies.

My Contacts table has pretty much everything about each of these people, and this table is linked to our Companies table which includes a lot of other things like incorporation dates, Auditors, Reg & Records Office, Directors and Officers (linked from the Contacts table). My issue is this…because I have the same person being an officer and/or director of many companies and they are appointed on different dates, (which need to show up in the Companies table), what is the best way to incorporate that information? Should I create a field FOR EACH COMPANY’S POSITION in my Contacts and another field for the date of appointment FOR EACH POSITION so that it shows up in the Companies table? for example, I have a President & CEO field in my contacts which is linked to the Companies table so the company name shows up in the contact and the contact name shows up in the President & CEO field on the Companies table, but how can i relate the DATE of appointment to JUST THAT POSITION?. It feels weird to have to create a new field for each position at each company in order to relate that one person’s info but maybe that’s the solution??

My brain is so fried

Thanks again for any help

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