Split a project into nested sub-projects

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I have this "project management base" that I use for all my projects as a freelancer. in one of the fields I have Fee/budget. For some projects I invoice in parts, so maybe 1/3 on signing the contract, 1/3 on first delivery and 1/3 on completion.

I my "main" grid view I have all my projects sorted on completion status. But I also have a Kanban view for tracking invoices which is built on the single select field "invoice status"; not ready, sent, paid etc.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a convenient way of "splitting" the budget field so that it appears as 3 separate "invoices" in my invoice view, but is still attached to only one project in the main view if you understand what I mean? (i.e. I don't want to have to create a "separate project" in the grid for each of the invoice parts)

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It seems like it'd be a good idea to split out the invoices into their own table; technically those are three different invoices with their own invoice numbers attached to a single project, right?  Would it be helpful for them to be one record each?