Structuring a base with re-usable tasks for customer success

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am looking to set up a base to manage client onboarding and success.

I'm fairly experienced with Airtable and I've built project management bases in the past with linked records and lookups but what I want to build this time has some unusual features and I'm scratching my head how I accomplish this. 

The use case is something like this:

  • Each new client we bring on goes through an identical series of steps/tasks
  • These series of steps/tasks can be broken into "modules" such as 1) onboarding, 2) mid year review, and 3) year end review. 
  • Each new client added to the base can be enrolled into a module and have a set of records created for their instances of the corresponding tasks. The tasks will be have statuses To Do, In Progress, Done. These roll up into the module. When all the tasks in a module are complete, the module will be marked done.
  • For each client I want to visualize: 1) Their list of tasks (grouped by module), 2) Their modules (with the status)
  • Also want a global view of all tasks across all clients, and all modules across all clients in a single table.

When I think through the table structure of the base, I know I'll need a table for clients, but I'm not sure how to create the tables for modules and tasks.

The problem is that I need a static master table of modules and tasks, and then a unique set of them created individually for each client, so as not to alter the original record as the client completes the tasks and modules. 

Does anyone have any suggestions here?

Thanks in advance


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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator
  1. Create a trigger to assign onboarding to client (check box, etc.)
  2. Create a separate table with the task(s).   We also assign "days since assigned due" and then assemble when each task is due
  3. Automation linking records within said view.

    Have used this workaround a number of times.