Summarized table, grouped by a particular variable (Jira integration)

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I am working on outputting some specific BI metrics, including an issue dump from Jira and an opportunities tracking sheet. The issue I am running into is that we are trying to create a summarized table, grouped by a particular variable, and we are are stuck doing too much manual work.


We have a long format table, with multiple “issues” per project. Each record has an issue name, and the project name, along with other information. There are thousands of issues on this table.


We want to, for example, count the number of records per project, but we don’t want to do this in an interface. We want to create a new summary table where those values are stored. We have tried using COUTALL and Rollup, and that works for counting the the once they are manually added selecting them through “find an existing record.” But this manual work is exactly what we are trying to avoid.


Since our issues table is synced with Jira Cloud and automatically updates, we want to have the summary table update too, and not have to manually add the linked records to count them.

Would really appreciate some advice on this, even if it means we would need to add a script, formulas, or some programming.

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Hi Beth, what if you made a linked field from the issue dump table into the summarized table, and used an automation to paste the project name into the linked field?

The summary table would then have one record per project, and you could then do a count field to get the issue numbers per project?

I’m not sure how you’d like your summary table set up, so let me know this doesn’t work for you and I’ll see what else I might be able to suggest