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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone - I feel like there should be an easy, elegant solution to this challenge, but I can't figure it out nor find a similar solution that applies and it is driving me nuts.

I have a personal expense transactions table with some basic fields: date, expense, category, person, account, etc. I have a Budget Month field that I populate manually to tag and group transactions to a monthly time period, though I can probably do this with a formula (?).

There is a 2nd table "budget summary" that attempts to summarize the Expense Transactions table by Budget Month AND by person. I was able to create a link to all the transactions for the Budget Month, then individual roll-ups for each category. I was able to do the same by person on a separate table.

However, I cannot figure out how to filter/roll-up by Budget Month AND person. If I apply a filter to the person field (person = x), it filters out all transactions since it sees the person as a combination of all the persons that have transactions for that month, rather than filtering by individual transactions.

I am 100% sure there are other examples of this out there, since this can be easily applicable to a sales situation (ex. log of all sales, summarize by month/salesperson for each widget).

Any help, hints, or nudges in the right direction would be appreciated. Open to a base redesign or applying a formula.



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