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Hi Everyone! I am very new to Airtable and cannot wait to start using it in my business. BUT (there is always a but) I have a client who would like to be able to set up a database that contains her clients, quotes/articles she may like to send them, and then automatically send an email. As great as this system is, I cannot seem to wrap my head around how we could do this. Bonus points if there is a way to conduct an old school mail merge from data in here too. - Thanks, Tina

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The question is a bit general so I’m not sure what part you’re having difficulty setting up.

Sounds like you’d have a [Clients] table what has an Email-type field and a Link to another record-type field that links to a [Quotes] table.

The setup for the Automation will depend on a few things: should the client be emailed for each individual quote assigned to them, or should the receive a single email with a bunch of quotes assigned to them?

Hi Kamille,

Thank you for your reply. It is a bit general because that is all the information my client gave me. She is trying to stay on the free side of your product. Would that be possible with what you are describing here?


Also does your product work with an email client to create customized letters based on the database?

Clarification: I do not work for Airtable.

what I described above could be accomplished on a Free Plan except for the emailing bit. Airtable limits emails sent via Automations to person’s who don’t have access to the base. Similarly “customized letters” would be accomplished by using Page Designer which is only available on Pro/Enterprise plans.