Tracking attendance for a group meetings

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I’m trying to build a base where I can create multiple meetings, and then track who attends each meeting. I tried using the “Event contacts management Template” because I thought it might work, but it doesn’t seem to do it. One other thing I would like is for the ability to tag an attendee as to if they were a speaker at that particular event, which I thought I could do with the “Contact type” field in this template, but that seems to be a global setting for all events, which is not what I want. One other thing I noticed when using this template, I was unable to add contact attendees from a mobile phone. I could only create new meetings.

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Welcome to the community, @Craig_Miller!

You’ll need to setup your base as a many-to-many relationship in order to track the information you want to track.

Here is Airtable’s tutorial on many-to-many relationships: