Trying to formate my InteractionID with Emoji

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am trying to make my Interaction ID change when my Interaction Type has a different select. I am not a coder but sometimes get luck. This is what I think the formula should say but it’s not working. Can anyone help?

IF({Interaction Type} = Zoom Meeting, “ :crystal_ball: ”,IF({Interaction Type} = Elevator Pitch/Networking, “ :candle: ”, IF({Interaction Type} = Event “ :bulb: ”, IF({Interaction Type} - Referral “ :handshake: ”, IF({Interaction Type} = Appt “ :date: ”)))

Ex1 is the formula I have now
Screenshot 2020-07-06 13.55.11

Ex2 is the select I have
Screenshot 2020-07-06 13.54.58

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It’s a little difficult to see what you are doing because the formula you typed and the formula in your screen shot are very different.

For the formula that you typed into your post, I suggest you look into the SWITCH function instead of an IF. It is documented in the the Formula Field Reference.

I also recommend concatenating with the & operator instead of the CONCATENATE function.

{Interaction Type} &
SWITCH({ Interaction Type},
  "Zoom Meeting", ":crystal_ball:",
  "Elevator Pitch/Networking", ":candle:",
  "Event", ":bulb:",
  "Referral", ":handshake:",
  "Appt", ":date:"
) &
{Contact} & " " & {Network Groups}

I can’t get the emoji to show up correctly because I am away from my computer, but hopefully you get the idea.

Thank you for helping me. I want to Twitter and we got it. This is what we came up with…

CONCATENATE({Interaction Type}," “,(IF({Interaction Type} = “Zoom Meeting”, “ :crystal_ball: ”,IF({Interaction Type} = “Networking Group”, “ :candle: ”, IF({Interaction Type} = “Event”, “ :bulb: ”, IF({Interaction Type} = “Referral To”, “ :handshake: ”, IF({Interaction Type} = “Appt”, “ :date: ”, IF({Interaction Type} = “Email”, “ :e-mail: ”, IF({Interaction Type} = “In Person”, “ :busts_in_silhouette: ”, IF({Interaction Type} = “Phone Call”, “ :telephone_receiver: ”, IF({Interaction Type} = “Proposal”, “ :camera_flash: ”, IF({Interaction Type} = “Referral For”, “ :handshake: ”, BLANK()))))))))))),” “,Contact,” ",{Network Groups})