Utilization Leaves Display Issues in Weekly View on Airtable

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Hello Community,

I'm encountering an issue with the resource allocation timeline in Airtable, specifically when switch between the daily and weekly views for team utilization when people taking leaves.

In the daily view, everything displays correctly; for example, team member Chanpory’s leaves on February 28 and March 11 are shown accurately.daily views.png

However, when switching to the weekly view, these leaves are not represented, what even worse, it incorrectly shows overutilization for Chanpory, despite his absence on these days.

weekly view.png

This issue is impacting our ability to manage and report on resource allocation effectively. Does anyone else experience this problem? Any suggestions on how to ensure that leaves are accounted for correctly in the weekly view to prevent it from showing overutilization?

I appreciate any insights or advice you can offer!


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Hmm, I feel like the overutilization makes sense in this case?  Assuming we've set a project for:
- 1 week (Not including weekends)
- 40 hours required for the project per week
- Person assigned has 40 hours of availability per week (Not including weekends)

Then when that person is on leave for a day, they only have 32 hours of availability.  Given that the project requires 40 hours and they only have 32 hours available, the utilization would be 40/32 = 1.25, i.e. 125%

Knowing that this person is 125% utilized this week will then enable us to plan for different outcomes, be it extending the project, swapping people in, etc, right?


Thanks for your kind reply. That does make sense. However, as you mentioned, even if we extend the project, the person will still show overutilization. We'd like to use the overutilization function to spotlight individuals who are genuinely engaged in multiple tasks. This could help ensure that attention isn't distractive focused on those who are on leave, diverting it from those who may really need adjustments.

I'm considering an alternative approach. Would it be possible to color the overutilization that not cause by leaves?