What's the best practice for Primary field?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I usually set my primary field as a formula, a concatenation of the Record_ID() and another field of the table, let’s say Name.
So if I have a table “Contact” with fields Name, Email, Status. I would use a concat of Name and record id as the primary field. This ensures that it’s unique. It also helps when I have a linked field to Contact from another table, as I am able to search based on Name.

How do you design so that Primary Field can be unique as well as easily searchable in the Linked Field popup?

Would love to hear from others.

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Hi @Ruchika_Abbi1

I do the same thing, although I don’t use the record ID that often. I think it’s important that your primary field gives you all the info you need to efficiently use it across other tables.

Good idea to ask for best practices. Always interesting to hear from more experienced users :blush: