When will airtable allow you to download all attachments in a field at once? (LIke Smartsuite)

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Its crazy that this simple feature has not been implemented. There are many times that people would need to download all images in an attachment field. 

Smartsuite has this functionality and honestly its embarrassing that a 'first mover' like airtable doesn't have it. A very important feature that SHOULD have been implemented years ago.

Is there any update or news wether this feature will ever be implemented or should some of us start looking at other competitors?

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The short answer is in this topic and numbers of discussions about it:

Changes to Airtable Attachments | Airtable Support 




Im talking about downloading files from the attachment field itself from within the base. Not trying to host files anywhere else.