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11 - Venus

H, I have the Creator account, with no collaborators.


1.  Can I set up API tokens, for myself, without losing my Creator account?

2.  I use Make for my bases.  Do I still need to set up an API key for all the different scopes?  I will be using all the general scopes for my many bases.

I am trying to do this the easiest way, instead of creating individual keys for each scope.  If I am understanding this Beta version correctly.


Thank you,



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You should be using oAuth or personal access tokens, not API keys. API keys will stop working by next January.

Using either oAuth or a personal access token will not affect the status of your creator account. You can use either with Make.

If you want to use a single personal access token the way you have been using a single API key, you can grant that personal access token all scopes and access to all your bases. However, if you will be doing different things with different bases, it is usually better to have multiple personal access tokens. That way if one is compromised, the other connections can continue to function. Note that if your Make integration needs to both read and write to multiple bases, you will need to add all of those scopes and bases to whatever personal access token the connection uses.