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I am an online marketing consultant from Belgium and currently working on a side project (app).
Still in the first phase of testing out the different possibilities (doing some market research at the moment).

I all goes well I would like the get an app developed in Q1 2023, but I’m wondering if I should develop a basic MVP first, and looking at Airtable for this.

But I have two questions:

  • is there a way to have a nice design for an Airtable form? Nothing fancy, just something that looks good enough? Templates? Integration? …
  • is there a way of using the data in the Airtable Base for notifications? Like you should have in app? Kinda automated of manual.

The MVP would be used on a smaller group of customers to test things out, so need something simple that just works.

Thanx for any advice of information.

Have nice weekend,

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Hi @Joeri_De_Bouvere,
Airtable is great for prototyping an app.

Airtable does have a Forms feature built-in, it is very basic on the formatting side but does have nice features like required fields and conditional fields. Airtable recently launched Form in their Interfaces modules, which gives you more layout flexibility and user control, but loses some of the other functionality (as it stands now, I expect this to receive more updates in the near term).

If you want more control there are plenty of 3rd party form app that work with Airtable.

Airtable can also send out emails or slack message, and you can hook it up to an automater like to give you more flexibility.

If you want to stay fully No Code, you may want to look into a more robust stack than just Airtable alone. Maybe something like for the front end and Airtable and on the backend.