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4 - Data Explorer

Dear all,

I am new to Airtable. I wish to find out how powerful is the Airtable scripting language (is it Javascript?).

  1. Is it powerful enough to automate anything within an Airtable base? For examples: to validate a user input on a field and able to undo if it’s invalid; change the colour of a field; hide a button on the fly, etc.

  2. Can I attach a script to a button on a form?

  3. Airtable is known as a low code platform, does that mean bases are usually developed without writing much scripts?

Thank you very much in advance.


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No. Automation scripts can change record data. That’s about it. Most of the things you list cannot be done in Airtable (with or without scripting).

No. Airtable forms only show editable fields. While you can attach a script to a button, you cannot show that button in a form.

This varies from user to user. Most users do not write code, but some people use scripts written by others.

Whether or not your bases use scripts should depend on the needs of the base, not what others do.