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4 - Data Explorer

I have linked voiceflow via API with airtable, this works. I would like to filter via FilterByFormula in the parameters, if I then filter on just the order number it works fine. If I filter on just the email address it works fine, but if I filter on both I get the error INVALID_REQUEST_UNKNOWN, with the message Invalid request: parameter validation failed. Check your request data. How can I solve this?

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Hello @daan1 
Try this one.

filterByFormula=AND(REGEX_MATCH({EmailField},"test@test,com"), REGEX_MATCH({orderField},"order_number"))

When you're not sure about a specific field and need to use multiple fields something like SQL LIKE Query.
You can also use OR if you need any match instead of the AND(for all matches) function.

If still have issues then put your formula and table data with structure.



Thanks, I don't quite understand which value I should enter where, I send a screenshot of the value I get back if I filter on just the order number. So he has to filter twice on the order number and email address.

Hello @daan1 
try this 

filterByFormula=AND(REGEX_MATCH({Email},""), REGEX_MATCH({Ordernr},"#0000"))


Thank you, this works. Now I only have the problem that with order #1 it also takes the order of #1000. How can that still be solved?

Replace #0000 with your variable. 

REGEX_MATCH({Ordernr},"Your Order ID variable")


I have already done that, see attachment.

If you already did that then it will work.
Then it's fine.

Yes it works, thank you very much for that. Only if I type #100 instead of #1000 it still gets it. How is that possible?