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Asking for help with lookup in two tables and write combined in new table

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I am creating an extended project planning tool. So i create an graph for the project in which the workload per week in presented.
For this I use data from a couple of tables (team, standaard uren (standard hours), Init en activiteiten (activities))
In order to create the graphical load per week I need to create subfases per main fase (hoofdfase)

What i am trying to do is retrieve the fase + number of weeks in order to write these in the table activiteiten and also teammember from teamleden. I managed to get to work through test2 … But now stuck.

Anybody willing to help? or maybe if you need more info, please let me know.


let fases = [{

fase: "Voorbereiding",

startDate: startdatumV,

endDate: endDateV,

weeken: duurV,

id: records[0]



fase: "Campagne",

startDate: startDateC,

endDate: endDateC,

weeken: duurC,

id: records[1]



fase: "Nazorg",

startDate: startDateN,

endDate: endDateN,

weeken: duurN,

id: records[2]


// await

fases.forEach(async (f) => {

   for (let j = 0; j < f.weeken; j++){






    let subfases = standaard_uren_tabel.selectRecordsAsync();

    let teamlid = team.selectRecordsAsync();


    let subfase = undefined;

    subfase = subfases.records.filter(rec => {

        return rec.getCellValue("Fase").name.localeCompare(f.fase) && parseInt(rec.getCellValue("Fase nummer")) === (j + 1);


    let functie = teamlid.records.filter(rec => {





    let startDate = null;

    let endDate = null;

    if(j === 0){

        startDate = f.startDate;

        endDate = addWeeks(removeOneDay(f.startDate), (j+1));

    } else if (j === f.weeken-1) {

        startDate = addWeeks(f.startDate, j);

        endDate = f.endDate;

    }else {

        startDate = addWeeks(f.startDate, j);

        endDate = addWeeks(removeOneDay(f.startDate), (j+1));



    await activiteit.createRecordAsync({

    "Hoofdfase": [{ id: }],

    "subfase": [{ id: subfase[0].id }],

    "Start datum": startDate,

    "Eind datum": endDate,

    "Projectleider": [{ id: }],

    "Uren per week": parseInt(subfase[0].getCellValueAsString(functie[0].getCellValue("Functie").name))




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