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Attach a Word Doc from Sharepoint to Airtable

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey everyone

Been fighting with this all day. Hopefully someone here can help point me in the right direction.

I am using PowerAutomate and Sharepoint. I have a Word document stored in a folder on Sharepoint that I would like to attach to a record in Airtable. I have gotten pretty far but as always that last bit is tripping me up.

Here is the setup.

Power Automate:

I have a 'Get Properties' node that is returning information about the Word document that I think I need to attach the file including the link and file name

I have an 'HTTP' node that points to the airtable API, the base, table and record in question. I am using PATCH as the method and I have the authorization working. Additionally, I have the content-type set to application/json.

In the body of the HTTP node, I have this JSON

  "fields": {
    "Contract": [
        "url": "",
        "filename": "File Name 001 [Project 2] - File - 3.docx"

The field 'Contract' is an Attachment field that is empty with nothing in it.

The Power Automate flow runs with no errors and its returns that it has succeeded. But there is no word document in the Contract field for the AirTable record. I know that AirTable does not return an error code for a failed attachment. 

So now I am stuck as I am not sure what I am missing or why its failing to upload into airtable.

Anyone have an idea on what I am doing wrong?



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You need to make sure that your document is in a publicly-accessible location on the web that doesn't require a Sharepoint login to access the file.