Attendance tracker using a tablet with + add new record option

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6 - Interface Innovator


I need an attendance tracker for a nonprofit organization that organizes different activities throughout the year. I first tried doing a form that our coordinators of each activity would use to report the activity, time, description/impact, and attendance. The attendance is linked to a table that compiles the beneficiaries of the different activities that are run by the Non-profit. 

We already have some beneficiaries or previous participants in this table and so some of the attendees are already in our records, but when we have new attendees, I would like to be able to generate a new record from a form. I am able to add a new record in the grid view, but not in the Form. I have already tried doing an interface and it still won't give me the option to add new records in both form or interface. I do have a plus plan (not the free version).

Our objective is to be able to have a beneficiary registry or a complete list of beneficiaries to report to our donors every year. We also want to be able to track those people who participate in more than one activity, or those who come back year after year). If you have any other ideas to do this I would really appreciate it!

Important to point out that the idea is to have our activity coordinators use tablets to log this information and track attendance.

Is this even possible in Airtable? or maybe a google form integration work?

Thank you!!!!

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