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Automations error: Response status was 302 'Moved Temporarily' but redirect mode

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4 - Data Explorer

As in archived copy of this thread :

Re: Automations error (but not on Block): Response status was 302 'Moved Temporarily' but redirect m...


Can someone in Airtable update me about the issue of allowing redirects in API/fetch requests in code in automations ? This is needed urgently , so that we can connect airtable to google sheets. (as i create an API in google apps script) so the behaviour of google apps script is, it redirects the requests to another url when you pass a parameter into itself.

example :  if you send a get request to in automation:*******-g/exec

google redirects the paramteres into :*******

thus, when i set an automation in when a data updates in airtables scripting section, i get this error:

Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 01.52.46.png

 I dont want to use any 3rd party services to solve this problem. Thanks


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