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Block is stuck on previous code?

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After writing some new code, after refreshing my block in Airtable (and re-running my local server that is serving up the block)… I keep getting old code or some sort of old instance of the block.

The block builds successfully.

Is there any workaround? if it’s possible test elsewhere

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(Ended up creating a new block for now)

Hi! To clarify: is the development mode stuck on previous code (what you see after you click “Edit block” or the released version (after you run block release and exit development mode)?

Development mode stuck on previous code - what you see after you click “Edit block”

Hi @Avi_Moondra. Has the new Block been giving you the same problem? If so, could you share the following:

  • version of the Blocks SDK you’re using
  • version of Node.js
  • operating system name and version

Hi, thanks for posting this. We had the same problem in editing the hello example we got stuck using useGlobalConfig where we forgot to scrub the ID of one table to switch to another. We found when we updated the code that the local host was not updating for us but using the “Edit block” allowed us to then make the code changes locally and see the console with the new changes.
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