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Case for Record Revision History API

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@Kasra - In reference to this, from the AMA session

One thing I could imagine being potentially useful is a Custom Block that can stream updates to particular records or a particular table, along with the source of those updates - it could provide a useful place to keep an eye on changes to critical records/tables within a base while working in a different part of the base.

I think opening up an API to record revision history in the SDK could be potentially useful for that kind of thing.

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This probably addresses, or comes very close to addressing this use-case.

See Solution in Thread

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This probably addresses, or comes very close to addressing this use-case.

Thank you for addressing this use case. I think it’ll be very helpful for creating Blocks application for collaboration. Since Airtable already has revision history, the challenge would be in designing Blocks API for revealing these effectively.

As for the created by last modified by fields, is it available via Blocks APIs? Also, is it just the collaborator data or does it also have a timestamp like the revision history.


Hi @Mingi_Ryu :wave: Yes, these are both available via the Blocks SDK. You can review it in the blocks documentation, where there is also last_modified_time that could be of interest.