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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I have a whole column of data with html links and I need these to be clickable links with the respective titles: 


<a href=>Tasmanian Government: Important coronavirus test information</a>


Needs to be 

Tasmanian Government: Important coronavirus test information

How can I achieve this via airtable? 

There are so many, relinking them all by hand is going to be tedious. Thanks

I will ultimately be exporting this to excel.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

You can extract the URL or title, but I don’t think you can’t embed a URL within the title like you did in your post, at least not in a URL field. Both URL and titles have to be in their respective fields. There are a few ways to do it, the easiest being a script, but if you want to just use formula fields, I think the MID function can help you: 

[Mid] function lets you extract a certain number of characters starting at a specific place within a string. It follows this format: MID(string, whereToStart, count).

The variables are:

string: Your anchor tag

whereToStart: Right after the “=“ symbol

count: Distance between whereToStart and where the URL ends (right before the “>” symbol)

So, you will need to figure out the starting position and count (distance from start to end):

  1. Starting position right after the “=“:  FIND("=", {Anchor Tag}) + 1
  2. Ending position right before the “>“:  FIND(">", {Anchor Tag})
  3. To get the count, you need the distance between (2) & (1), so subtract (2) - (1):  FIND(">", {Anchor Tag}) - (FIND("=", {Anchor Tag}) + 1)

Putting it all together:

MID({Anchor Tag}, FIND("=", {Anchor Tag}) + 1, FIND(">", {Anchor Tag}) - (FIND("=", {Anchor Tag}) + 1))

Here’s a link to a base with everything put together. I’ll leave it up for a few days:

Zemanir Airtable Consulting:

How would you be exporting this to Excel and what version of Excel are you using?

If you're exporting your Airtable data as a CSV I vaguely recall that there's a `=HYPERLINK()` formula for Excel, so you might want to format your Airtable data into that format first before the export