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7 - App Architect


I would like to be able to create multiple linked records in one “run”.

I do a lot of videos for lectures and have a base has with a “productions” table and a “projects” table.

I want to be able to

  • add a button in the “projects” table that runs a script
  • the script should ask me how many new records to create in the “productions” table.
  • and then create the records linked to the project

This would help me when 1 projects has 30 productions.

And because a higher demand for remote learning I get many request for many videoes - so time saved on place it time used in another:)


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Hi Mike - thanks for this script works perfectly! How would you approach automatically triggering this script based on the changed state of a field? Julia

Hi, I’d also like to know this. If I have a number mentioned in the parent record, can the scripting block create that number of records automatically?

My use case is like this:
I have a “project” record with number fields for “videos” and “images”. So basically that project will have X videos and Y images. With a button field, can it create records in another table linked to this project, and create X number of records having a single select value of “videos”, and Y number of images with a single select value of “images”?