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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone, I have a main base, I want whenever I create new record in main base, the other specified base will be updated, and whenever I edit or create new record in that specified base, the main base also be updated. It looks like sync but I want to way to provide task into the base I want. Thanks for your helping.

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Since you're not interested in sync'ing two bases - perhaps having a Webhook automation within each base might be the simplest/quickest way forward? Alternatively to webhooks, you could write Automation scripts that post to each base using the Airtable API - but this requires far more work (and a few security concerns, although these may have since changed with the recent API improvements)

If you know your project doesn't require scaling beyond what you've described, the Webhook Automation method may work well for you.

Do you have an example of this? I need to have a button on a record in a table in base A that will create a new record in base B, and link the two together.

Your architecture seems more elegant than invoking a script with a rest call.