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How do i create order records in order table from product table with button

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I have a product table. And want to use a button to order the products. And then create order records in order table (pulling 3 columns from product table) and link the two tables. product id - order id

need some help im green


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Exactly what i need, thx for the help. Perfect

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The three fields which pull information from the products table should probably be Lookup fields, which will pull in data automatically once the order has products linked to it.

Assuming you only order one product at a time, you could use a script like this one in a Scripting block:

let ordersTable = base.getTable("The name of your orders table")
let productsTable = base.getTable("The name of your products table")

let product = await input.recordAsync("Select a product", productsTable)

await ordersTable.createRecordAsync({
    "The name of the field which links Orders to Products": [{id:}]

Then you could add a Button field to your products table and use that to run the above script.

Exactly what i need, thx for the help. Perfect