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How to use filterByFormula in API call to filter field linked from another table

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I have read as many related posts as I can find about calling the API and filtering on field that is pulled from another table. I Can’t find a way to correctly form the API call to get the correct records.

I have a table Articles that has a field “Customer” which is a “Link to Customer”. Customer has a “Customer Name” which is what is displayed in the Article table, but I also happy to search on the id if I have to.

My API Call returns for example. customer: [“recjn4jFUGzYplO2N”] how do I filterByFormula to get only those with this customer.

I have tried…

filter_string = urllib.parse.quote(“filterByFormula=SEARCH(“recjn4j…lO2N”, {Customer})”)
filter_string = urllib.parse.quote(“filterByFormula=SEARCH(“Customer Name”, {Customer})”)


I have everything working using Views and filtering by View on the API call, I simply want to not rely on the Views being setup correctly.

An example using curl would be great to see.



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