In scripting, is there a way to access a different base than the one that you are in?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m using a custom script to get records form the base I am in. To do this, I am using using:


Now, I’d like to create new records using data from the records in base.getTable('Incoming') in a table that lives in a different base. How can I reference a different base from this script?

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i think you choose very hard way for a task, that may be solved with less efforts.
If you need to separate and store ‘historical part’, you can adjuct syncing.
In target base, you can create kind of automation which copies synced table to some other table and then change some value in other ‘signal’ table synced back to source. it may be smth like ‘5000 records from 01 Jan 2021 to 30 Mar 2021 archived succesfully’, and then it may run some automation in source table which removes these records.

other approach - you can put whole record (if it doesn’t have very important attachments) in json-string and put it to a single long-text field. thus, you can for example put 100 records in a single record of a table having 100 long-text fields.
you need to write a procedures which can archive and extract values, but you can perform it inside the same base.

of course, you can go deeper and think about compression and maybe binary form of data storing (i didn’t check whether it’s possible to work with attachments in script). but i would rethink whole data-storing strategy implementing some ‘unlimited’ type of storage outside of Airtable.