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4 - Data Explorer


To manage a catalog of goodies for a company, I've started building a database, forms and an interface.

The goodies catalog has about 30 items in 3 categories. Some items are textiles with 7 different sizes.
The 30 items are common to different entities of the company, but the stocks are different from one entity to another. (1 entity by city)
I built the following tables:
Received items,
Distributed items.
The last two have a form for entering what has been received or distributed.
Finally, the interface displays the catalog with all the items and quantities for an agency.

After this long intro, I share you my problem:
To display the stock by size for a given item (textile) and for an agency, I can't find any other solution than to calculate stock for each agency by creating a column per item per size per agency.
For each size, I calculate quantity received, quantity distributed and finally stock, i.e. 21 columns per agency ...
I think there's a more optimal way of doing this ...

The Airtable community, do you have any ideas?

Thank you 🙂

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Hmm, I think I would try having a new table where each record represents a single size of a single item in a single agency.  With this we wouldn't need to create a new field per item / size / agency at least