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IOS app keeps crashing. Any performance updates coming?

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I have a fairly large base (approx. - 20k records, 20 tables, 300 fields, hundreds of views, etc.) and I am no longer able to open the IOS Airtable app (keeps crashing). Also tried to open via desktop mode on iPhone10 browser but crashes too. I must currently use a desktop/laptop to access my base.

My temporary workaround was going to be use a shared view/snapshot of the information that I always need when away from desktop/laptop (view only/no editing) which would limit the records down to the view of a few thousand records. That worked ok, however I can’t filter & sort the information using the mobile website. Tried switching to desktop mode, which would have worked great, but I can’t scroll the base up/down & left/right.

Any performance updates coming to IOS App? OR ability to filter/sort on mobile website views? OR ability to scroll on IOS with browser in desktop mode?


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If your iOS app is crashing, I would definitely send an email to to see if they can resolve it for you. Or, at the very least, to alert them of a possible problem with their app.

Thanks. I have sent a email to their support team and will see what they say.