Is there any option to integrate Adobe e-signature with Airtable?

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6 - Interface Innovator

Is there any option to integrate Adobe e-signature with Airtable? If yes, can someone please guide me through it?

Based on the data entered in the Airtable, I want to create a PDF file which would be mailed to 4 different people to sign it. I also want to know that how can I create a PDF based on the data entered and automate to send it to all the people in the list and get it signed one by one with first in the list as first and so on. 

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Hi @mshah72 !

I do not think it is possible out of the box, but certainly is possible.

Adobe Sign has an API so it

Which seems to be having option to upload a file and specify recipients:!/agreements/createAgreement

Meaning it could be created pushing data from Airtable via Automation to Adobe (* however I did not check authentication format.

I see that you can also use and they have the "Create an Agreement" module:


I have not used the Adobe API, so it would require some time dig through docs and test, but you could try to see if it can work out yourself in Make. 

If you would be interested to use DocuSign - I have somewhere implementation instructions. Cannot tell though if Adobe or DocuSign would be better for your use case.  

I hope this helps!