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Looking for data entry form example app

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Hello Airtable engineers,

I’d like to build a few custom apps for my airtable, the first of which is a form to input records into a predetermined table. I’ve dabbled a fair bit with vue.js but never a single project with React, so I’m a total newbie.

To aid me on my learning journey, I’m looking for some examples that I can pull apart. Specifically, I’m wondering if anyone has a simple data entry form for creating new records in a table. A field for creating linked records (to a different table) would be an extremely helpful example.

Any advice or examples you might have are greatly appreciated!


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Hi @Kris

Here are some resources that might be helpful as you get started:

  • If you’re interested in picking apart existing open-sourced apps, you can view a list of examles on the documentation site here. The “Update records” example specifically showcases how to use the Table.updateRecordsAsync, which is very similar to the Table.createRecordsAsync API you’d need for a data entry form.
  • The docs site linked above also includes Guides to help you get started - of particular note for you is likely the “Write back to Airtable” guide
  • The SDK also provides a UI kit to help reduce friction with building form elements (e.g. Input, Button, etc)

Hopefully this can help get you started in the right direction!