Output.table is not a function? Using for email automation

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I have essentially copied the tutorial here as I didn’t need anything too far from this solution Adding it all up | Airscript

I have got it working and I would like to put it into an email automation. The script works and it aggregates on the values I need; it produces an array with 2 objects with key value pairs in it. This seems to meet the requirements for an output.table; however when trying to use the output function, it appears that only output.set is available.

Is this the only option when using scripts for emails? It would save me time if I could just have it output a table. Am I missing something or is this a limitation when using scripts for emails?


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output.table is only available when running a script from scripting app, not in an automation script.

To feed the result of a script to an email action further down the line in the same automation, you use output.set. However, automated emails use a limited set of markdown formatting, which may not include markdown tables.