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Pro account coupon for Blocks contest?

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I wanted to enter the Airtable Blocks contest but I don’t have a Airtable pro account for testing my application. Is it possible to get a coupon code for a testing workspace so I don’t need to pay?


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yeah, i’m pretty sure there is a link to get one in the email they send after you register for the hackathon

You don’t need a pro account to make a custom block or to participate in the contest. Submissions are due in about 24 hours. Use any of your free workspaces to complete your work. Use this link to get access to custom blocks if you haven’t already:

Again, submissions are due in 24 hours. Hopefully they’ll approve your request immediately but this is a holiday weekend. Good Luck!

In the future custom blocks may be locked for pro users just like all other blocks, but at the moment you can just

Per this post, Custom Blocks will be free for all users until September, just like Scripting Block. After September, custom blocks will only work in Pro and Enterprise workspaces.